Reiki At Work – 7 tips for a more calm and peaceful work environment

Reiki At Work – 7 tips for a more calm and peaceful work environment

One of the amazing sessions we had at the 2017 Reiki Retreat in Sedona was about using Reiki in the workplace. It is easy to use Reiki at work to create a more peaceful, less stressful environment.

I have a great job now (retired and enjoying making Pottery and giving Reiki) but I wish I had Reiki when I was stuck in a little cubicle surrounded by my co-workers who weren’t always the most positive influence. When I worked in an office environment my day was often stressful and sometimes boring and mindless. The negativity and gossip eventually drove me out of that environment into a business that my husband and I ran for the next 15 years. Then it was all about making payroll, putting out fires, never getting a lunch break and taking our work home with us.

What I did not have was Reiki.

This is my story but I bet your would have some similarities.

During a Reiki retreat session entitled “Reiki for Wellness: Clinical and Corporate Setting”, presenters Dr. Robin Fuerst and Bryce Goebel shared some amazing (and simple) things that we can do in our work space to reduce our stress and anxiety. Their great presentation shared much more than what I am sharing here but I thought you might benefit from learning some easy Reiki tricks to create a better overall working environment.

  • Take a 5 minute Reiki Break every hour. Place your hands on your legs, clear your mind and just let Reiki Flow for a short 5 minutes can take the edge off your day and help keep you in a calm and loving place.
  • At the beginning of your day or shift, Reiki your space and all the equipment you will be using that day. Send Reiki to your computer, keyboard, desk, chair, equipment, etc. Send Reiki to your space, whether it’s a small cubicle or a large warehouse fill it with loving, peaceful energy. If you have symbols send the Power symbol to the ceiling, floor and all walls. This helps create a sacred space for you.
  • Send Reiki ahead to any meetings or confrontations you might be involved in with the intention that it be for the greatest and highest good for all. Can you imagine the power in this especially if you are in a service based industry!
  • Reiki your daily tasks for the greatest and highest good for all.
  • Reiki your food and water. This is a habit I am trying to form for every meal I eat But it should hold true in your workplace as well when we tend to make unhealthy choices
  • Give your co-workers mini Reiki sessions. One way to create a more pleasant working environment is to help elevate stress and strain from your co-workers. When you see someone stressed out ask permission to send Reiki to them for just a few minutes.
  • Remember the Reiki Principles – Just for today I will not worry. Just for today I will not be angry. Just for today I will be grateful. Just for today I will do my work honestly and with integrity. Just for today I will be kind to every living thing.


Reiki is a divine healing energy that we all can tap into and use for our own personal healing as well as healing others on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Everyone can tap into this energy for their own use through the help of a Reiki Master Teacher. If you are currently not empowered with Reiki I do hold Reiki classes. Won’t you join me?

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