Up up and away heading home

Up up and away heading home

Airplane RideAs I am writing this I am sitting on a plane with my beloved ready to take off and return home after a week in Salt Lake City. I went for a convention but our son and family live there so this trip was a double dipper and a business write off:-)

The convention was wonderful since I got to meet Facebook buddy Kate and longtime friend Loretta. I also learned some wonderful things about the company…but the best part was hanging out with family.

Family means so much and this trip meant alot to bith Ben and I. We got to see where son Chris and our beautiful daughter in law, Anne, worked, played and pray. We got to play Star Wars with Derek, who is 6 and color kittens with almost 4 year old Bree.  Derek got to show us how to play soccer and Bree and I both dressed in pink. Since Chris and Anne just moved interior home a year ago they were in the middle of having it professionally landscaped and they essentially built themselves a park, with a play ground, in ground trampoline, lots of green grass and even an orchard. It was wonderful seeing where my family is living, to know they are safe, happy, and enjoying life.Derek playing Soccer

There is something special about Salt Lake City. I came to the conclusion that I am a urban city girl. I love the outdoors, the country and the slow pace of small town living but I also love the energy, bustle and all the wonderful places to shop and eat and play in a big city. In SLC we felt the loving and spiritual peace of Temple Square, took the trolley and train to go anywhere and found an amazing crystal store where I bought some more pretty gem stones.

Bree on the playgroundIt seems that I lose myself in the country, grounded and at peace. But I find myself in the city with art galleries and fancy dining. We went to Park City, an overpriced touristy town which was full of restaurants and art galleries. The art was inspiring, full of color and sucked me right in. It was then I finally realized how much I missed the hustle bustle and culture of a larger city. Don’t get me wrong, I love Poteau and Oklahoma with its kicked back manner but I sure wish there was more inspiring art. I am trying to bring it out in the town and will continue to try!

So as I return home, I contemplate where I am in this path called “my life”. It is a much different path then the one in California but I am loving it. It is a more healing path, a meditative path and a spiritual path. I am excited to see where it leads.