12 ways to a stress free holiday season

12 ways to a stress free holiday season

The Holidays are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving dinner, family get-togethers, cook baking, Christmas Present shopping, decorating the house inside and out, holiday parties.  I think often of the idealistic Christmas portrayed on oldie movies like “White Christmas” but, lets be honest here, the holidays can induce a lot of stress…

And Stress can be bad.

So I comprised a list of things you can do, that takes just a second, to de-stress during this holiday time.

1. Take a walk– I use this one often. Take just a few minutes, bundle up and take a quick and quiet walk around the block.  It will help clear your thoughts, give you some quiet time, and get your blood moving. How about taking your dog with you. He may need some de-stressing as well!

2. Diffuse a relaxing Essential Oil- The oil that first comes to mind is Lavender because it is so soothing and calming. Not only will you relax a little more but so will anyone in the same room.  Burning candles and scented oil pots put loads of poisons and chemicals in the air so I don’t recommend them.

3. Make a list– Sounds simple, doesn’t it but much of our holiday stress is all the “things” we have to remember to do.  Writing them down not only helps you remember them but as you check off the completed items you experience a sense of accomplishment

4. Read an engaging book- Often all we need is a few minutes in someone else’s shoes!!  Take a few minutes, curl up on a favorite chair, under a favorite blanket, sipping your favorite herbal tea and read!!  Doesn’t that sound delightful!

5. Take a bath- Add some Epson salts and a relaxing Essential Oil to your bath, light some candles, close the door and indulge. Grab some headphones and your IPod, listen to some favorite music and block out the sounds of the world around you.

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” Sylvia Plath

6. Set a gift budget– Often the stress we experience is related to how much money we spend so this year, set a budget on how much you will spend and who you will spend it on. Remember that most of us stress over this so maybe chat with your friends and family and agree NOT to buy gifts for each other. The holidays are more about Love then presents.

7. Do some yoga (or some form of exercise)- Yoga helps stretch, revive and renew you!!  Be gentle. When we stress our muscles tend to get tight and stiff, and not in a good way. Yoga or stretching will help ease them.

8. Meditate- I am not suggesting you sit uncomfortably cross legged for an hour, but just take a few minutes, close your eyes and clear your thoughts. You will be surprised at how more relaxed you will be.

9. Power Nap– If you try the Meditate suggestion above you may end up with a power nap!  Nothing wrong with that.  Just a short (30 minute) nap can do wonders for your day. It will refresh you and give you some renewed energy.

10. Watch a funny Movie – Laughter sometimes is the very best medicine!!!  During the holidays, there are plenty of off the wall, sappy, funny Christmas movies to watch. Give your self a break and watch one!!

11. Say “NO”–  Honey, you are not super woman (or man) so dont take on more than you can chew.  Saying No is perfectly OK.  Taking on too much can result in loads of stress so don’t overfill your plate.

12. Get a massage (or better yet and EssentialTouch)– So you knew this would be on the list but you deserve an hour of someone fussing and pampering over you, don’t you!!

Enjoy the holidays this year. Merry Christmas!