Our bodies Energy System – The Seven Chakras

Our bodies Energy System – The Seven Chakras

The ChakrasJust as our bodies have blood and veins and organs supplying it with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and alive, so our bodies also have an entire system that keeps our energy running smoothly.  Our Chakras and Meridian system.

I know that for many, especially here in the USA, this will come as a surprise since we are basically raised to believe there is just a physical side of our bodies.

Energy is all around us and everything in the world has energy attached to it. I like to think back on school days science and the mighty atom, with all its orbiting protons. That’s energy, people. Movement. Even hard rocks have energy which is why crystals work with healing, but that is another post!

Back to us….. The most known energy areas within our bodies are the chakras. Although there are many chakra areas there are basically 7 that we work with when doing energy work.

The seven main chakras

1. Root or base Chakra

This is the chakra that connects us to the earth. It is our grounding chakra. Located at the bottom of our spine this is the first chakra we develop when we are born because we have left the spirit world, taken on a physical body and so must establish our root here on earth as well as form family relationships.  This chakra spins slowly and takes on the color of red. It is within the root chakra that our survival, strength and determination are housed.

When your root chakra is healthy you feel grounded and life unfolds for you, allowing you to advance. You are connected and have healthy relationships with family and friends. You are able to express, yet release, feelings such as grief. Life is magical. You are abundant, which doesn’t always mean money. You are abundant with love, health, family, adventure etc. You feel balanced and things work out well for you.

When your root chakra is out of balance we have trouble releasing grief and sorrow, nothing seems to go right. We have persistent lower back pain and perhaps even mild sadness.  You may feel as if you have lost connection with the world around you. You are spacey with your head in the clouds.

I have found that most of us have blocked root chakras. We grow up in a culture that tells us to “suck it up buttercup”, “take it like a man, Sam” and so we are conditioned to not express and release our emotions. This causes us to shut down our root chakra and it becomes blocked and stagnant.

A good essential oil for the root chakra is Patchouli!

2. Sacral chakra

Moving up the spine, just an inch or so below the belly button you will find the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra holds the key to our creative life force and our sexuality. It governs our reproductive organs. This chakra holds and stores our energy, inner strength and stamina. It is this energy that others feel when they are around you. Some people radiate a wonderful, warm energy that makes you want to be around you, while others you back off from right away because of their energy. The sacral chakra is orange in color and in crystal healing you would use an orange colored stone such as carnelian. A good essential oil for the sacral chakra would be ylang ylang or Wild Orange.

When your sacral chakra is balanced you attract wonderful friends, relationships and opportunities.

If you feel your Sacral Chakra is out of balance try creating a Vision board to help you locate your dreams. Vision boards are very powerful because they let the universe know what your dreams are.

3. Solar Plexus

Citrine-Solar PlexusGoverned by the color Yellow the Solar Plexus is all about you and your personal power.  It is the chakra that contains self respect, self esteem and your will power. When your Solar Plexus is in balance you get “Gut Feelings” and are able to follow them. You radiate joy and harmony.

When your Solar Plexus is out of balance you might experience issues of the belly and food.  You may be angry, shy, insecure or on the other side you may be self-absorbed and egotistical.

Learn to love yourself no matter what you think your faults are.

My favorite crystal for the Solar Plexus is Citrine.  This crystal is such a sunshiney stone.  Lime and Cedarwood make good Solar Plexus essential Oils.

4. Heart Chakra:

The heart chakra is right in the middle of the seven chakras and connects the physical (Chakras 1-3) with the spiritual (Chakras 5-7). Located at the heart this Chakra is all about love (no shocker there!!) and is all about compassion, divine love, sincerity.

A person with a balanced Heart Chakra is compassionate, loving, friendly, and unconditionally serves their fellow man.  Often times an unbalanced Heart Chakra will manifest issues concerned with the heart or lungs.

Green is the color of this chakra and wonderful crystals would be Aventurine, Malachite or Jade. Essential oils could be Geranium or Peppermint

5. Throat Chakra:

As you probably have guessed, the throat chakra supports communication, whether it is hearing or being heard by others, or even by yourself.   Some things governed by the Throat Chakra are being truthful, being able to express yourself, being heard,  and even in artistic expression.

We often say we have a “lump or frog in our throat” which could be something you need to say is stuck and you are not expressing what you need to express.

Any physical ailment that is around the throat can be a sign that this chakra is out of balance.

Frankincense is a wonderful oil for the throat Chakra since it is the oil of truth. The color that surrounds this chakra is light blue and crystals like Blue Lace Agate, Turquoise or blue topaz will help.

6. Third Eye or Brow Chakra

The 6th Chakra is the third eye and is located right in the center of the forehead between the brows. This chakra governs our connection to our inner self and our inspiration.  People with a balanced brow chakra are intuitive, sensitive, and wise. They have wonderful imaginations. They are also very open to spiritual guidance.

Melissa is a wonderful essential oil for this chakra since it brings in light and dispels darkness. Lemongrass works well for dispelling negative energy and thoughts.
The color is  Indigo or Dark Blue. Lapis Lazuli is my favorite crystal to use since its so readily available but other stones would be Blue Sapphire or Moonstone.

7. Crown Chakra:

Last on our list is the Crown Chakra, located just above the crown of our head. The color of this chakra is either white or lavender so clear quartz crystals or Amethyst work well to help balance this one.

This chakra is our connection to God, the Universe, Creator, Supreme Being. It is our Window to Heaven.  People with a balanced crown chakra are at peace. they live in the moment and they are grateful for everything in their lives. They can obtain divine guidance.

Sandlewood is a wonderful Crown Chakra Essential Oil as well as wintergreen

This is just a brief overview of our chakras and not even being close to being complete. Our chakras go in and out of balance based on what is happening around us or within us.  Reiki and crystals can bring the chakras back into balance.