Reiki Drumming-A healing tool

Reiki Drumming-A healing tool

For  several years I had been hearing about Reiki Drumming but I never had a chance to experience it until I attended the 2017 International Reiki Retreat in Sedona AZ. It was on our last day of the retreat that Michael and Authur Baird, the originators of this technique, introduced us to the drum and Reiki Drumming.

I was blown away

Imagine a room full of people, I would guess around 80, in a room filled with Reiki Energy all beating on a drum. You would think it would have been overwhelming, noisy and chaotic but it wasn’t. It was vibrational, centering and balancing.

During our workshop session we split into pairs and we gave each other a 10 minute Reiki Drum session.

One person drummed and the other received. It was quite magical. Magical enough so that both Kate Cook, from Kate’s Reiki Essence, and I had to return to Sedona a day after the retreat ended to buy drums for our own use and Reiki practice.

Since bringing it home I have had several opportunities to use the drum during a Reiki Session with great results.

What is Reiki Drumming.

Reiki Drum

This is my drum. It is plain but it has a beautiful tone and vibration!

Drumming has been used since the beginning of time by Shamans, Medicine Men, Holy people and Healers. Sound is a vibration that carries itself deep into your body.

For Reiki Drumming, the Drum is infused with Reiki Energy prior to the session. The Reiki energy is focused and directed with every beat of the drum. The drum’s sound waves carry the high frequency Reiki Energy into the client’s energy field.

I am in the process of exploring this new technique but what I have experienced so far is that Reiki drumming is:

  • Like having a Reiki Massage on all your internal organs sending vibration deep within the recipient
  • Because of the repetive beats it helps the client become more internally focused and balanced.
  • Drumming can bring your brainwaves into an alpha state usually associated with mindfulness or meditation, which in turn can help reduce a depressive state of mind and increase creativity.
  • Drumming can help break up energetic blocks that may be stopping you from moving forward


Reiki Drumming during a Healing Session

Reiki Drumming is something that I will be incorporating into every one of my sessions, unless the client chooses not to. Since I have discovered this is a wonderful way to relax my client, and focus her on her healing path, each Reiki session will begin with 5-10 minutes of drumming and then I will proceed with a regular Reiki session..

The drum is beaten in a quick rhythm and the sound is focused all around the body, from head to toe. It can be done standing, sitting or during a Reiki Session laying comfortably on the Reiki table. By concentrating on the beat of the drum, it will help center and balance you, bringing you into a deeper state of relaxation which will all you to more openly accept the healing energy.
While receiving Reiki I suggest you focus on the issue you are trying to resolve, whether it is emotional or physical. A huge part of healing is being ready to release whatever it is that is causing your issue. Sometime we may not know what the root cause is but Reiki can and will bring it to your attention, either during the session or in the days that follow. But you must be ready to release it for healing to occur.

Reiki sessions are available in 30 minute or 60 minute increments. Additionally, once a month I hold Healing Nights which enable you to experience Reiki is a non hands-on, but not less effective way, in which I also start with Reiki Drumming. I think the Reiki Drum and the few minutes each participants receive this vibratory technique is probably the favorite of the evening.

If you have attended a healing night and participated in the drum, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Start your path of healing today,

Buffalo Drum - Remo 16"

Reiki Drum - Remo
This is the drum I used. It may not be the prettiest, the coolest looking. It doesn’t have a fancy leather skin or a cool native American painting on it, but oh what a sound. I got to pick out mine in person and had all those wonderful choices. I really wanted a painted head but once I heard the deep vibration of this drum I knew it was the one I wanted.

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