Best Sedona trip ever!

Best Sedona trip ever!

Beautiful scenary in Sedona AZ

Breathless scenery

Today is day three, the last day, of my Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher training and it has been a blissful, joyful time. I am in Sedona AZ, a place of high vibration, with my dear friend Kate Cook of Yuma AZ. We chose to take this path together, this trip to Sedona  to become Holy Fire Reiki Master Teachers. It will forever tie us together.

We arrived in Sedona last Friday, May 20th. Well, actually we arrived in Cottonwood AZ on Friday! Cottonwood is a small town about 1/2 drive from Sedona and 10 times cheaper! Our hotel room, at the Iron Horse Hotel in old town Cottonwood is small but clean and recently refurbished so adorable. I mentioned small…. Yes, it’s teeny, with two twin beds and barely enough room to walk around but it’s been filled with laughter and giggles and serious life changing discussions!

Saturday was our tourist day, the day we roamed touristy type shops, ate over priced meals, bought a whole bunch of crystals and other stuff and had our auras photographed at Crystal Gratitude. Both Kate and I are “Blue Aura” personalities. I will try to write more on that later. After our final Holy Fire Placement our auras will be rephotographed for changes. That will be cool.

Reiki Teachers

Kate and I with our teachers, Michael Baird and Laurelle Gaia

As the day dawned for our first day of class we were excited and nervous. The day was beautiful, the drive into Sedona awe inspiring. Our class was being held at the Peace Place. The store at Peace Place was filled with wonderful, beautiful crystals and jewelry, posters, musical instruments and warm feelings. The grounds had huge Quartz crystal clusters all over the place just wanting to be touched and admired.  Kate and I, wanting something special to remind us of this trip both bought garnet bead necklaces for grounding. IMG_20160524_091659765The classroom was warm and welcoming, filled with crystal clusters, spiritual statues and Reiki infused artwork. We were delighted to learn that Michael Baird would be teaching the class with Laurelle Gaia auditing. This is important to note because Laurelle is recovering from an aneurysm infused stroke that put her into a coma for three days. We were delighted to see her in the classroom and share her special insights and wisdom with us.

Peace Place, Sedona AZ

Kate and I at the Peace Place in Sedona

As our class began it did not take us long to realize that “things have changed”. Holy Fire Reiki had evolved. We were being taught and given Holy Fire II, a second revision of HF. No longer are there “attunements” by the Reiki Master but the energy and symbols are placed within us by the energy itself. It is now called “placements”. We were a bit shocked, stunned and maybe a little disappointed but as the day progressed and our learning continued I realized the beauty and brilliance in this. The Masters ego was no longer a factor. They are now the facilitators of learning and a guiding presence in our Reiki lives. During a placement the Reiki Master/Teacher steps aside and allows the Holy Fire Energy to enter the recipient the way the recipient needs it. There is no longer the fear within the master teacher and the student that it was done right. There is no longer lineage since the energy comes directly from God.

How beautiful is that.

Also part of Holy Fire Reiki are  “experiences”, a master facilitated meditative time when the energy guides you. And ignitions, when the Holy Fire is ignited within us.

I look forward to working more with the Holy Fire Energy. I am changed a little. I can tell. Hopefully I can continue to grow and change as well as help others in a healing manner. It is also my desire to teach and share Reiki so that others can have this amazing gift from Heaven in their lives.

Love and light.