Traveling with Reiki and Crystals

Traveling with Reiki and Crystals

Traveling can be an absolute joy but it can also be filled with anxiety and anxiousness. Whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane make it a less stressful, safer trip with the use of Reiki and Crystals,

As I write this I am in Utah visiting with my son and his beautiful family. The trip was anticipated with joy as we would be able to spend 3 wonderful days playing with our two youngest grandchildren.

We were flying out of a small airport in Fort Smith Arkansas, 1/2 hour from our home, changing planes in Dallas and arriving in Salt Lake City by 7:30 that evening. The schedule was perfect, no rushing, hustling, standing in lines. We had a decent layover in Dallas, enough time to comfortably find our next gate and then have a leisurely lunch before the final leg of our journey.

As I always have Crystals on me, for this trip I chose several that would help with the journey.

  • Malachite– Malachite is the perfect crystal for traveling especially when traveling by plane or car because it is a protective stone.  Rumor has it that malachite will crumble if there is danger ahead so it works well as a warning signal. It also helps if you are afraid of flying, which I am not, but many are. It also helps with jet lag.


  • Moonstone– Moonstone is known as a stone for travelers offering protection as well as helping with jet lag. I wore my moonstone and garnet ring just for this reason.


Moonstone and Garnet Ring

My moonstone and Garnet ring

  • Amethyst– because of its calm nature having a piece of Amethyst with you can help overcome anxiety. Also a protective stone Amethyst can also help with being flexible with changes which often occur during travel. You just never know what’s going to happen. I carried a chevron Amethyst in my pocket as a worry stone and when things got crazy in our trip I relied on it heavy.


There are other stones that will be perfect for traveling and they are beautifully outlined on I had several other stones they recommended but I just chose a few since I wear most of my crystals in a medicine bag (which, by the way, I had to remove and place in a bin during security check).

I always have a tumbled Quartz crystal in my bag to enhance the other crystals. My natural Citrine is there to keep whatever is in my bag energetically cleansed and black tourmaline as an overall protective stone.

Reiki comes through for me.

On this particular flight there were delays from the very beginning which could have been very anxiety creating. Our first flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours which was all the time we had to make our next flight. I had never missed a flight before so I had no idea how to deal with the situation so I started sending Reiki.

As we finally boarded our first flight the online schedule still showed our connecting flight on time. We would not be getting into the airport to connect with it in time. As I sat in my seat I began sending Reiki.  I used the Power symbol to send Reiki to the overall situation, then the Emotional symbol for myself to keep me calm. I sent Reiki to the future with the long distance symbol that we would be able to get something resolved.

Then I started visualizing. I visualized us getting on the next flight, our original flight. I visualized us seeing our family and grandkids as we arrived at their airport on time. I saw us giving big bear hugs, finding our luggage and driving to their home.

While we were in the air I continued to check flight status in case our connecting plane was delayed, just long enough for us to reach the gate. What I found instead was that we had automatically been booked on the next flight out of Dallas, at 7:30. (Big shout out to American Airlines for this).

Ok, I thought, I could live with that! A slight delay but it would still get us into Salt Lake City at a reasonable time.

We did not hurry as we deplaned because we had a few hours to kill before boarding the new flight. As we were walking out I happened to glance up at the flight board and saw that our original flight was delayed by 20 minutes! Enough time for us to make it.

Dallas Airport is big and can be confusing but they have an amazing and fast tram system. We were able to get on our original flight and all our luggage was there waiting for us when we arrived.

It turned out exactly how I envisioned it.

I sometimes feel that I have magic at my fingertips when I am able to use Crystals, Reiki and Law of Attraction for my highest and greatest good. It never ceases to amaze me when using these gifts gives me personally such great rewards. It reminds me that we are able to create out our life by sending out the highest and best vibrations.

The Universe is listening. What are you saying to it?