Taking USUI Levels 1 and 2 classes together.

Taking USUI Levels 1 and 2 classes together.

As a Reiki Teacher I always excited when a new person approaches me wanting to learn Reiki. Somehow the call to Reiki was extended to them and they heard the call and enrolled in class.

I offer Levels 1 and 2 on consecutive Saturdays. Many Reiki Master/Teachers don’t feel they should be taught so close together but my school of training (ICRT) teaches that it is benefittal and empowering to teach the two classes close to each other. In fact, Dr Usui taught the complete system in one day and even Mrs Takata would combine the levels.

Personally, when I started I took Level 1 but felt a bit incomplete. I was unsure what to do with my reiki and I did not really practice it.  I waited quite a while for Level 2 to become available to me and readily enrolled. Learning the symbols and being attuned to that level gave me the needed confidence to start “Practicing” Reiki.

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Can I just take Level 1?

Absolutely you can!

Level 1 places the Reiki Energy within your energetic body for your use any time you need it. It’s there, it’s yours to use. Not only is Reiki installed during a Level 1 Class but you are taught how to use it for physical healing of yourself and others. Reiki at Level 1 is a powerful, game changing energy…if you use it!

Does that mean you have to use it on other?

Nope, it doesn’t.

Here are some ideas for you for using and “practicing” Reiki.

  • give yourself daily Reiki when you first wake up in the morning,
  • Reiki yourself before falling asleep to aid in a restful night.
  • Reiki your car for a safe journey.
  • Reiki your bank statement or check book for abundance
  • Reiki your cat or dog,
  • Hold your potted plant in your hands and give it Reiki.
  • Send Reiki to your food to cleanse and purify.
  • Reiki your drinking water
  • Going on a plane? Touch the plane before entering and give it Reiki (I do this every time,)
  • Send Reiki to your shower head for a Reiki shower
  • Reiki your medications
  • Intend for Reiki to flow when you are bandaging the booboo knee of your child
  • When you are having a stressful moment place your hands on your thighs and give yourself Reiki. This is great when sitting at the doctor or dentist office.

Get the picture! Reiki everything you do and see the results.

What do I get with Level 2

With Level 2 we start working with the emotional body.

With second degree you receive three sacred symbols you can start using right away. These symbols help focus your intention and strengthen your Reiki

The Power Symbol- The Power Symbol is a wonderful tool you can use for most anything to add more strength and intention to what ever you are doing.

  • Use the Power symbol to start and end a Reiki Session, like a light switch to turn it off and on
  • Draw the symbol on you palms to start the energy flowing.
  • Draw over Crystals and give them Reiki to cleanse them.
  • If you are working with a specific area of the body, drawing the symbol over it will focus the energy on it
  • Use it to sandwich other sacred symbols to increase their power
  • Draw the Power symbol on all walls as well as ceiling and floor of a room to cleanse it or prepare it for healing
  • Protect yourself from unwanted or negative energies by drawing the symbol in front of you and stepping into it

The Emotional Symbol- this symbol can be used to help anything that may be emotionally based

  • Since many illnesses are emotionally based, use this symbol in healing sessions to get to the core of the problem
  • Use it to help lose weight. Not every circumstance is the same but many of us put on weigh due to an emotional issue
  • It is powerful when trying to kick an addiction or a bad habit
  • Lost something? The Emotional symbol can come to your rescue
  • I almost forget, the Emotional/Mental Symbol can help you remember something
  • Used during study time, it can help with retaining and remembering
  • Use combined with long distance symbol to heal past emotional and mental traumas
  • Love affirmations? Add more punch to them by saying the Symbols Mantra (name) 3 x’s before saying your affirmations or draw the symbol over them if they are written
  • When charging crystals and grids with a specific goal, use this symbol to up the emotional vibration.

The Long distance symbol bridges time and space and knows no boundaries. It’s a hard one to memorize and although I do suggest memorizing it (Use the Emotional symbol to help) it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. When I first started, I would tape a picture of it in front of me when I needed to use it. Just saying the name three times will evoke it…remember it’s all about intent!

  • Send Reiki to a friend for healing. They can be in the next room or the next country
  • Send Reiki to your own past to heal past traumas. It won’t change the past but it can help heal the emotions around it unblocking stuck energy
  • Going to the dentist? Have an important meeting coming up? Planning a trip? Whatever the future holds for you send Reiki to it by using this symbol. Of course Reiki will only work for the highest and greatest good so you can’t use it to change someone
  • Taking a trip? Whether by car, bus, train, boat or plane send Reiki to the path ahead of you for safe travels and calm

Last bits of advice

Reiki will not change someone. Everyone has free will and makes their own choices so don’t bother sending Reiki to someone to stop an addiction. But you can send Reiki to them to help heal the emotion around their addiction. This was a hard lesson for me to learn but I learned it. We are all on this planet to live our own lives and learn our own lessons.

Not everyone wants to heal . Some people identify with their illness and it gives them identity. Even if they “say” they want to be healed they may unconsciously block the energy. Which leads to the next bit of advice…

Expect no specific outcome Reiki will work for the highest and greatest good and may be working on a level that is completely different than what you and your client are wanting. For example, that back pain they are experiencing may be caused by past event where they experienced a sense of worthlessness and that emotion settled in the back. Reiki will work hardest to heal that past trauma before the physical pain can be removed . With that said….

Step out of Reiki’s way. Allow Reiki to work in its own time and space by not trying to control everything. We can give intention and we can add focus but ultimately Reiki is the Healer, not us and we need to allow it to work. Our egos and our expectations can actually stifle the flow of Reiki so “Let it go and let Reiki”.

I hope that this helps shed a bit more light on the first two levels of Reiki. If you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment. And also feel free to share!

Namaste and Blessings

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