Reiki Drumming-A healing tool

Reiki Drumming-A healing tool

For  several years I had been hearing about Reiki Drumming but I never had a chance to experience it until I attended the 2017 International Reiki Retreat in Sedona AZ. It was on our last day of the retreat that Michael and Authur Baird, the originators of this technique, introduced us to the drum and Reiki Drumming.

I was blown away

Imagine a room full of people, I would guess around 80, in a room filled with Reiki Energy all beating on a drum. You would think it would have been overwhelming, noisy and chaotic but it wasn’t. It was vibrational, centering and balancing.

During our workshop session we split into pairs and we gave each other a 10 minute Reiki Drum session.

One person drummed and the other received. It was quite magical. Magical enough so that both Kate Cook, from Kate’s Reiki Essence, and I had to return to Sedona a day after the retreat ended to buy drums for our own use and Reiki practice.

Since bringing it home I have had several opportunities to use the drum during a Reiki Session with great results.

What is Reiki Drumming.

Reiki Drum

This is my drum. It is plain but it has a beautiful tone and vibration!

Drumming has been used since the beginning of time by Shamans, Medicine Men, Holy people and Healers. Sound is a vibration that carries itself deep into your body.

For Reiki Drumming, the Drum is infused with Reiki Energy prior to the session. The Reiki energy is focused and directed with every beat of the drum. The drum’s sound waves carry the high frequency Reiki Energy into the client’s energy field.

I am in the process of exploring this new technique but what I have experienced so far is that Reiki drumming is:

  • Like having a Reiki Massage on all your internal organs sending vibration deep within the recipient
  • Because of the repetive beats it helps the client become more internally focused and balanced.
  • Drumming can bring your brainwaves into an alpha state usually associated with mindfulness or meditation, which in turn can help reduce a depressive state of mind and increase creativity.
  • Drumming can help break up energetic blocks that may be stopping you from moving forward


Reiki Drumming during a Healing Session

Reiki Drumming is something that I will be incorporating into every one of my sessions, unless the client chooses not to. Since I have discovered this is a wonderful way to relax my client, and focus her on her healing path, each Reiki session will begin with 5-10 minutes of drumming and then I will proceed with a regular Reiki session..

The drum is beaten in a quick rhythm and the sound is focused all around the body, from head to toe. It can be done standing, sitting or during a Reiki Session laying comfortably on the Reiki table. By concentrating on the beat of the drum, it will help center and balance you, bringing you into a deeper state of relaxation which will all you to more openly accept the healing energy.
While receiving Reiki I suggest you focus on the issue you are trying to resolve, whether it is emotional or physical. A huge part of healing is being ready to release whatever it is that is causing your issue. Sometime we may not know what the root cause is but Reiki can and will bring it to your attention, either during the session or in the days that follow. But you must be ready to release it for healing to occur.

Reiki sessions are available in 30 minute or 60 minute increments. Additionally, once a month I hold Healing Nights which enable you to experience Reiki is a non hands-on, but not less effective way, in which I also start with Reiki Drumming. I think the Reiki Drum and the few minutes each participants receive this vibratory technique is probably the favorite of the evening.

If you have attended a healing night and participated in the drum, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Start your path of healing today,

Buffalo Drum - Remo 16"

Reiki Drum - Remo
This is the drum I used. It may not be the prettiest, the coolest looking. It doesn’t have a fancy leather skin or a cool native American painting on it, but oh what a sound. I got to pick out mine in person and had all those wonderful choices. I really wanted a painted head but once I heard the deep vibration of this drum I knew it was the one I wanted.

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Crystal Grid for Reiki Healing

Crystal Grid for Reiki Healing

One of my favorite uses for my crystals is in a crystal grid. These lovely to look at displays are more than just eye candy. They are powerful manifesters, using multiple gems and crystals for one purpose.

Crystal Grid on Flower of Life

Crystal Grid For those in need of Reiki

Just to show you how powerful these crystal grids can be, I created the crystal layout above on. FLOWER OF LIFE embroidered cloth I have available in my store. The Flower of Life is Sacred Geometry, powerful in itself, but more powerful with lovely healing crystals.

The intention for a grid is the first thing you need to decide on. For this Grid my intention was Reiki. I live in a small town, in the middle of the Bible Belt Oklahoma and Reiki, or any alternative healing modality is unheard of. This makes it difficult for me, a Reiki Practitioner, to get the word out.

I had an upcoming series of Reiki Classes and plenty of appointment times open for Reiki Sessions. The intention I set for the grid was to make me visible to anyone needing Reiki or wanting to learn Reiki.

Within a day of setting up the grid, a gal walks into the shop, in tears and in need of a hug. I had met her once before but briefly. She told me that she didn’t know why she stopped in but felt she needed to. We talked, I listened, I gave her Reiki and a hug. She felt the call of the grid.

And my Reiki classes were very well attended.

Crystal Grids work and they work well.

For more ideas on Crystal Grids and Crystal Layouts, I have a Pinterest Board where I am pinning those that I find valuable as well as beautiful, I love seeing what others do.

    Follow my Pinterest Board. 
Facing Illness? Be Empowered. Self-Reiki as a compliment to medical treatment

Facing Illness? Be Empowered. Self-Reiki as a compliment to medical treatment

When we are facing illness, or a loved one is facing illness, it feels like things are no longer in our control, we lose some of our power. Our lives are taken over by doctor visits, sitting in pharmacies, stressfully waiting for phone calls, spending hours in treatment or therapy, laying in bed. We are often overwhelmed and scared. We hurt, we don’t feel good and we feel totally out of control of our lives.

One amazing benefit of Reiki is being able to give yourself Reiki. Self-Reiki is powerful and something you can do anytime the mood strikes you. You can self-reiki when you are waiting in the doctors office, the pharmacy, even when receiving treatments.

Reiki is a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine because it not only helps you be calm and be able to cope with your situation but it raises the vibrational frequencies within your body which aids healing. Reiki works with, not against or even instead of, your current treatment plan. Of course you must always follow your doctors orders because they are working towards healing on the physical level while Reiki is working on the energetic level. Together they can be quite powerful.

Giving yourself reiki is very easy and you have the capability to do this with Level 1, the first degree, Reiki.

You can do a full treatment on yourself by using traditional hand placements. Place some relaxing music on and reiki away. It’s peaceful, renewing and calming. This does take some time and if you have the time I do recommend it. Spend extra time over the diseased  area.

If you don’t have the time for an entire treatment, just place your hands somewhere comfortable on your body. If you are out in public that may be just resting on your thighs! Ask Reiki to flow. It’s as simple as that.

When we are ill we are often in a state of fear. Fear is a low vibration and will keep your body in a low vibration state. Hard as it may seem it’s important to release that fear. Visualize yourself as healthy. Visualization and intention will draw good health towards you since the universe wants to give you what you desire.

When we are fearful we tend to think in terms of worse case scenarios. As we dwell on the fear that is what the universe will try to provide, the worse case. As you self reiki envision yourself as happy, whole and healthy. See and feel yourself in this way. When you begin to be fearful place your hands over your heart, start the flow of reiki and envision positive outcomes.

If you want to be well, make a definitive decision to be so. Make it your choice to heal. Come back into your personal power.

In order to do self-reiki, Reiki needs to be placed within your energetic body through the assistance of a Reiki Master/Teacher through a process called  Attunement or Placement. Once it is installed you are free to call upon it anytime you need.  Learning to use it is simple. Check my calendar for class dates and allow this beautiful energy to assist you in your healing process.

If you need Reiki I do one hour sessions as well.

My Path, My Story to Reiki

My Path, My Story to Reiki

My Reiki Path

Ever since I was a little girl I felt this calling inside me that I labeled early on as a “healer”. I wasn’t sure what that was or meant but I was fascinated with medicine women and the Native American way of life. I did not really do anything to nurture this feeling though.

When I went to college it was for nothing I had any interest in. I dreamed of being an artist but was encouraged to pick a more profitable career. So I chose business and I was bored to death. My college career lasted two years before I finally threw in the towel and surendered. No one was available to direct me, to discover my interests and help me explore alternatives. All I remember being encouraged to do is be a nurse, teacher or mother, none which appealed to me.

So I spent most of my life jumping from one career path to the other.

But I never forgot my feelings of being a “healer”. 

Strangely enough, I never felt the desire to go into the medical field. That wasn’t the type of healing my soul quested for. What my heart desired was healing on a natural, spiritual, holistic level.

Fast forward into my 50’s and I finally discovered Reiki. My discovery came by way of crystals. Always a rock hound my eyes were finally opened to the healing power of Crystals. Somewhere along my Crystal path I learned about Energy Healing and then I heard the term Reiki.

I chose Reiki….or maybe Reiki chose me.

Funny thing is that up until 2011 I was living in Southern California  where Healing Studios, Metaphysical Stores and Reiki Masters abound but it wasn’t until I moved to Southeastern Oklahoma that I learned more about and decided to become attuned to Reiki. After witnessing the deaths of my mother and brother by cancer I had to be able to do something. I no longer could just sit around. The healer in me yelled and screamed “Do something”.

At the same time I was making a move to Oklahoma, about 45 minutes away from my new town a “HEALING CENTER” was being opened. Coincidence? I think not. It was through this Healing Center that I had my first Reiki Treatment and met a Reiki Master. It was also at this center that I learned about my angels, ascended masters and had a reconnection with God and the Universe.

I received Level 1 and Level 2 attunements from Debbie Allen, whom I will be forever grateful too for sharing this gift.

A profound moment

For several years I did not do much with Reiki, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I would invite people to my small home for Reiki Sessions but that was far and few in between. One day I received a call from a dear friend who had suffered a major heart attack. During her heart attack she remembers having a choice, to stay or to go. She made the choice to stay. Although she recovered well, for weeks (or maybe months) she felt disconnected and out of balance with the world.

She called me and asked for Reiki.

After her session we spoke for quite sometime. What I had to say did not come from me, it came from spirit. I was guided to share these words. This for me was a pivotal moment, since this had never happened to me before,but I truly felt in my heart that the words that came from my mouth were not my own.

Days later she called me and told me that she felt wonderful and all the uneasy, out of balance, out of sync feelings she was having were gone.

I witnessed the healing power of Reiki.

My Practice 

My practice started in 2014 in a small healing room in the back of my first art studio/gallery. Along with Reiki I also after Essential Touch, which is a Reiki infused Essential Oil massage. Additionally I love to check and clear chakras to be sure that all energy paths are open.

In 2016 I traveled to Sedona AZ and became ignited with Usui Holy Fire Reiki II at the Master Teacher Level. During the ignition the Holy Fire Reiki is placed within you by God himself so there is no longer a lineage. The teachers are truly just teachers and mentors. My teachers were Michael Baird and Laurelle Gaia from Peace Place who are licensed Professional ICRT Reiki Master Teachers.

Now I am ready to begin sharing Reiki with others so that they can help heal themselves and others. I am truly blessed to be on this path.


Reiki and Trouble- Using Animal Reiki

Reiki and Trouble- Using Animal Reiki

Let me start by saying that Trouble is my pretty old, 17-18 year old Cat. When I adopted Trouble from the local shelter he was just a wee little thing. Black cats are hard to find forever homes for, I was told, but I have always been drawn to them. The name the shelter gave him was Tabasco. When I brought him home and presented him to hubby Ben, I said “meet Tabasco”. Ben said “Looks like Trouble to me” and the name stuck.



About two years ago Trouble started coughing. Because he is a big old fluffy long haired kitty, I assumed it was hair balls and started treating for that immediately. The coughing continued, however, so I took him to the vet. He was X-rayed and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The vet said that fluid was building us inside him which was causing the cough, and that there was nothing he could do but put him on a diuretic  and make him comfortable.

I was saddened that my faithful furry feline was declining in health but I would do my best to keep him comfortable so every morning and every evening I faithfully crushed up his pill and put it into his food. It must have had no flavor since he did not bulk at eating his spiked food, but neither did the dogs. Eventually Trouble had to start having his dinner on the kitchen table so the dogs wouldn’t get it first.

The coughing stopped but his health continued to decline. He lost weight even though he ate like a pig, all day long. His coat became dull and matted. He was lethargic and no longer went outside.

Mornings are our cuddle time and during this time I started to brush him, which he was not fond of because he had some serious mats!  As I brushed him I would spend some time giving him Reiki. He would sit for a while and until either he had enough Reiki or the tugging on his fur as I brushed him would finally be enough and he would get up and leave.

After several weeks of doing this almost daily I noticed that he started putting on weight again. And then I noticed that he wasn’t ravishingly hungry all the time and his coat started shining again.   I also was able to cut back on his meds.

Now he is doing really well. I no longer give him his medicine and he is not coughing. He has energy again to jump on the counter in hunt of some left out chicken or something more tasty!  He goes outside, and he is keeping himself clean.

And he jumps on my lap every morning for Reiki.

Animal Reiki

Animals take Reiki energy very well. Trouble loves it and will sit still for it until he has had enough.   Sometimes I just lay my hands still on him, other times I have to stroke and pet and scratch him, but he allows it and I would even say, he asks for it.
Reiki is amazing healing energy, whether its for our pets, our friends or family or ourselves. Reiki energy is very intelligent and will know exactly what you need. It brings our bodies energy systems back into balance so that our body can once again work on operating properly. It can soothe emotions, bring balance and peace.  It is not a magic pill, it does not mask the cause of illness but rather supports healing.