Selenite – the Moon Crystal

Selenite – the Moon Crystal

Several weeks ago  i went into a furniture store and they had the most amazing, huge selenite (Satin Spar) wand for sale. It was a most unlikely thing to find in this store. Needless to say this milky white gem came home with me.

Selenite is a very soft stone with a Mohs hardness of 2 so its not a very durable stone, and is easily scratched or damaged however its is one every energy healer should have in her tool box. As a thermal conductor it is often warmer to the touch.

Selenite is a crystalized form of the mineral gypsum and its very abundant, mostly found in Australia, Greece, Mexico and the USA. Because of its soft nature it is often used to bring light into home decor. The Basilica Santa Sabina in Rome, has white window panes made entirely from Selenite. Because of its soft nature and transparent beauty you can readily find Selenite carved into hearts, wands, and globes. It is also available as towers as a candle holder or a light.  In Chihuahua, Mexico the “Cave of the Crystals” located in the Naica Mines, houses some of the largest Selenite crystal formations. One is over 39 feet and weights over 55 tons.

Selenite is a cleansing stone and is often used to cleanse other stones. In my case, the selenite wand I spoke about has been placed in my crystal cabinet to keep all my other stones cleansed and ready to use. It is often stated that Selenite never needs cleansing itself but i personally like to cleanse it every once in awhile just to keep it vibrant. Since it is a soft stone never put this one in water to cleanse. My prefered method is a full moon cleansing. It is said that it is a strong enough to clean even crystal quartz.

Its an angelic stone and with it you can call upon the angels for protection. Placed around all corners of your home, Selenite can protect your home and create a place of calm and peace. In my pottery studio i have used Selenite to grid the space and people all the time tell me what a calm, nurturing space it is.

When you are wanting to make a connection to the spiritual realm, like angels, guides, ancestors  and our higher self, place selenite all around you to assist. Since Selenite is the color of the moon, and its named after Selene, the goddess lf the moon, it will help you tap into moon energy. Its energy is that of feminine goddess energy.

Since it is a cleansing stone, Selenite can be used to cleanse your energy chakras as well as you aura. Wands made of Selenite are often used in Magic or to direct energy.

Other healing properties of this shimmering, high vibrational stone are: connecting to the crown or higher crown chakras, mental awareness, intuition. Its useful for meditation and scrying.

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