Crystals, Essential Oils and Chicken Soup Kick Some Serious Butt!  

Crystals, Essential Oils and Chicken Soup Kick Some Serious Butt!  

Yesterday was an icky day, one of those days when you know you should have stayed home but decided to be a Warrior Goddess and tough it out. It was storming outside and cold. The day before was a really long day and I slept pretty awful so I was really tired and dragging.

I had a Reiki appointment first thing in the morning but my day was open for the rest of the day which I was really grateful for. It was my intention to be gentle and kind to myself, straighten up the studio, do some product photography, pet the cats. Easy Peasy stuff.

But as the day wore on I got more and more tired and my head started to ache. I was dragin, that is whenever I decided to move.

I started searching for chocolate, a sure sign that I was heading down the wrong path. 

By 3:30, with my head pounding  I knew it was time to call it quits and head home.


When I got home I scrounged around looking for my Blue Lace Agate, a crystal perfect for headaches. The house was quiet so I laid down with the stone on my forehead and immediately fell asleep (or under the spell from the crystal)! 20 minutes later I woke up, a bit dazed, but with my headache considerably better.

But not gone

And I knew it wanted to come back. Not wanting to search high and low for my Essential Oil headache blend I grabbed the first thing I could find that I thought would help, Frankincense. I applied a drop to my forehead and temple.

My next thought was food…. I was hungry, yet still cold so some chicken soup sounded good.

When Ben came in he asked if I was coming down with a cold because I was stuffy sounding and coughing.

What?   I ain’t got time for that crap.

So out came the OnGuard, which I rolled on my feet.

I settled in for some TV watching, curled up on the couch under a blanket, feeling sorry for myself.

An hour later (I kid you not) I noticed that I stopped coughing, I stopped sniffling, I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t headachy.

Crystals, Essential Oils and Chicken Soup Kicked some serious butt!

And I am pretty sure I threw some Reiki into that mix as well.

Today I feel great, back to work and ready to go.

I love all the natural things I have at my disposal to keep me healthy. I love talking about Crystals, Essential Oils, Reiki. I am not a big fan however on cooking so don;t ask about the chicken soup.

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