Reiki Tune Up – Nip it in the Bud

Reiki Tune Up – Nip it in the Bud

I never quite understood where that silly phrase, “nip it in the bud” came from but it’s what I think about when giving a Reiki Tune up to someone who isn’t really suffering from anything in particular.
A Reiki Tune Up is perfect for someone who is healthy, wants to stay that way and have plenty of energy to enjoy this amazing life of ours.

Did you know? Ailments and illness show up in our energetic body well before they show up in our physical bodies. 

We all know that we have veins that move blood through our bodies and organs that clean and pump and do other incredibly miraculous things. But what makes all that work? Energy Baby Energy.

What we tend to forget about is that we also have an energetic body. Our energetic body is comprised of:

Meridians, our energy pathways.  There are 14 of these pathways that transport energy through our bodies. They govern and send energy to specific organs and flow in a particular path. They can become blocked or congested or even flow backwards. The meridians are what is focused on in acupuncture.

Chakras  are spinning energy vortexes. There are many chakras within our body but we have 7 major ones. They rule specific organs as well as areas of our life.

Aura. Our aura is an energetic shroud that embraces and is all around us.

Every cell, every organ, every function and system in our bodies reverberate and pulse with energy. It’s what keeps our heart beating without aid, it is with every breath we take without thought, it’s every finger movement, cut healing, hair growing thing our bodies do without aid.

But let’s face it, these bodies, with all their amazing attributes, were not designed for this face paced, toxic world, we live in today. Our immune system does a beautiful job warding off all the things that bombard us daily but we live in a face pace, toxic environment, live on processed foods, breathe dirty air, drink chemical laden water, live under high stress conditions , bombard ourselves with electromagnetic energy and expect our bodies to stay healthy.

Let’s face it, our bodies are overwhelmed….and that makes me sick.

Our bodies are working overtime trying to keep up with it all. Is it just my observation our has the amount of autoimmune diseases seem to be on the rise.

So here’s the good news.

Your energy system knows about any illness about to set in before it actually manifests in your physician body. And that is so much easier to deal with.

Reiki can help with all that. Remember, Reiki is Life Force Energy, the very thing your body is needing. Blocks in your Meridians, unbalanced Chakras, tears and holes in you aura all effect your energetic body and reduce your vibration. When your energy is low you are tired and don’t function at optimum. The same is true for internal organs and processes like your immune system. When they are tired their energy is low and they can’t operate at their optimum. Reiki goes where it is needed and brings up the vibration within you. It helps clear blocks in your meridian, it balances and energizes your chakras, it patches and clears your aura. Reiki relaxes your body so that it has a breather, gives it a rest, fills it energetically up so that it can work more optimally.

It’s time to give your body a break and give it what it needs most. A Reiki Tune Up.

Don’t wait until that illness shows up in your physical body. Work with an energy practitioner or Reiki Practitioner and let’s clean up your energetic act.