Crystal Grid for Reiki Healing

Crystal Grid for Reiki Healing

One of my favorite uses for my crystals is in a crystal grid. These lovely to look at displays are more than just eye candy. They are powerful manifesters, using multiple gems and crystals for one purpose.

Crystal Grid on Flower of Life

Crystal Grid For those in need of Reiki

Just to show you how powerful these crystal grids can be, I created the crystal layout above on. FLOWER OF LIFE embroidered cloth I have available in my store. The Flower of Life is Sacred Geometry, powerful in itself, but more powerful with lovely healing crystals.

The intention for a grid is the first thing you need to decide on. For this Grid my intention was Reiki. I live in a small town, in the middle of the Bible Belt Oklahoma and Reiki, or any alternative healing modality is unheard of. This makes it difficult for me, a Reiki Practitioner, to get the word out.

I had an upcoming series of Reiki Classes and plenty of appointment times open for Reiki Sessions. The intention I set for the grid was to make me visible to anyone needing Reiki or wanting to learn Reiki.

Within a day of setting up the grid, a gal walks into the shop, in tears and in need of a hug. I had met her once before but briefly. She told me that she didn’t know why she stopped in but felt she needed to. We talked, I listened, I gave her Reiki and a hug. She felt the call of the grid.

And my Reiki classes were very well attended.

Crystal Grids work and they work well.

For more ideas on Crystal Grids and Crystal Layouts, I have a Pinterest Board where I am pinning those that I find valuable as well as beautiful, I love seeing what others do.

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