Organize my Crystals

Organize my Crystals

All week long it has been absolutely gorgeous outside. The sort of days that you know you would spend the day basking in the sun but the air was cool enough to keep you from sweating. Even though I have a dream life and get to spend my days making pottery, I still feel like I need to be in the studio during the day and not lazying around. That is something I have never been good at.

So I look forward to Saturdays. But this Saturday the weather played a cruel trick on all of us Monday thru Friday-ers, and its cold. Bleck.

So I decided to spend the day and organize my crystals (after laundry and house cleaning of course!)

Most of my Crystals were stored in a plastic craft container, all hodgepodge with very little organization and basically no way to remember what they were. So first I had to identify them, then photographed them and then I put them into small bags with their names written on the outside.

I use two books and google to help me identify and organize the crystals I have.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and Crystals by Jennie Harding

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I found crystals I didn’t know I had and have lost crystals I know I have but have no idea where they went off too.


This Cinnabrite was in my catalog but nowhere to be found. Oh where oh where are you, dear Cinnabrite.

Maybe they will come home someday!

Even though I put them all into bags I know me well enough to realize that once a stone comes out of that bag, I may not remember what it was so I decided that I needed a backup and that was done in a free program called Evernote. I have been using Evernote forever and since it has an app for Android, IPad and Windows, it is a perfect way for me to stay organized regardless of what device I was using. It syncs notes between these platforms!

For the crystals, I used my phone because it is easy to take a picture, adjust it (I use Snapseed), and then share it to Evernote.

This is what my notebook in Evernote looks like. On the left are all my entries. I took pictures of each stone individually and cropped it pretty tight so I would see it nice and bold like this. The giant picture on the right is a “Dalmation Jasper”. I have never heard of this before and its not in any of my books but google came through for me. I have no idea where I got it but Yahoo I got one!!!

I created a Notebook called “Crystals I Own”. Evernote for Crystal Organization

Once I start working with a crystal and learn its properties its really easy to add all that information right to this now. Evernote makes note taking and organizing easy and its searchable. This is the best way for me. I hope this helps you.

Citrine, my Sunshine Crystal

Citrine, my Sunshine Crystal

Many many years ago I was at an outside vendor farmers market. There was a guy there selling crystals. At that time of my life, I loved crystals but know absolutely nothing about them. I was just starting to learn. They were just pretty and I was drawn to them.

In the middle of his display was a really pretty yellow stone. I remember it was a rather gloomy day outside, maybe even a bit too cool for me. Ben and I were spending the week in our motorhome having a little “chill out” time. I may have been a little depressed.

So I bought this pretty yellow polished stone the guy called a “citrine”. It the bottom crystal in the photo.

Since it was such a gloomy day and because I was a little on the depressed side I decided to try my hand at “Charging and programming” this stone, something I had never done before. So I did. I programmed it to be my “sunshine” stone, to always bring warmth and happiness into my life whenever I needed it.

This stone stayed with me for years, usually in a pocket, sometimes in a little leather bag.

Then one day it was gone.

Since my initial purchase, I had done a bit more reading on crystals and healing and knew that when a stone disappears it is because someone else needed it more. That did not make me particularly happy because I needed it and I missed it. I turned my house upside down, I checked cracks and crevices in the motorhome. I searched all my pockets in all my clothing.

The crystal was gone.

Years later as I was packing all my things to move from California to Oklahoma that crystal showed back up. I found it laying on my bed. It had come home because it knew I needed it once more.

Citrine is still my most favorite stone of all times.

Citrine wire wrapped NecklaceJust recently my Brother in law came across a Citrine point pendant, poorly wrapped in copper that was going to be thrown away. He grabbed it for me, knowing I would know what to do with it and love it. I removed the old wrapping and re-wrapped it in silver. Lately, I have been drawn to wear it.

So a little about Citrine…

  • Citrine is yellow in color making it perfect to work with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is the chakra of your personal power and energy.
  • It is a stone of imagination and creativity. It carries the energy of good luck.
  • Citrine harnesses the warmth and power of the sun.
  • Natural Citrine is self-cleansing, Natural Citrine is rare and quite expensive so the pieces you pick up for a dollar or two are probably not natural citrine but heat treated Amethyst.  There is nothing wrong with these pieces, they are wonderful. I read in one scientific article that sometimes Amethyst changes to Citrine naturally, I guess if it is hot enough!
  • Citrine is also called the “merchants stone” and is often placed within a cash bag or cash register for abundance. It attracts success. In the top photo, the citrine cluster is one I leave in my gallery/store. I also keep a small point in my cash bag.
  • Citrine is a great stone to have around during family arguments because it repels and clears negative energy and helps bring about peaceful, loving resolution.

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