Crystal Chakra Generator

Crystal Chakra Generator

Many years ago, while I was a new Reiki Practitioner (Level 1 if I recall correctly) I sat in and worked with a Reiki Master during a client Session. She had the most beautiful crystal piece I had ever seen and would place it on the clients’ body as she was intuitively guided. I did not know what it was but I knew I wanted one. I later learned it was called a Crystal Chakra Generator.

One day, while shopping around online, I came across one and just had to have it.  It was then that a[amazon_textlink asin=’B00LTHGZTS’ text=’ Chakra Generator ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’esslivrei-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’059748a1-0e37-11e7-8185-f10a2e6c897d’]entered my life.

At first, I really did not know what to do with it and there is very little information out there on them so I thought I would share what and how I use it.

My Crystal Chakra Generator has 7 gemstone crystal points, representing the seven chakras, all pointing outward. In the center, representing the 8th Chakra, the “seat of the soul”., is a  conical pyramid shaped clear crystal. 

There are several different configurations you can get that focus on one chakra or all clear quartz. I personally wanted one that would fill all my needs so I chose the one with the points that represent all seven chakras.

My favorite way of using my Crystal Chakra Generator is the center of a crystal grid as shown in the picture of my grid below.  The energy from the surrounding crystals with my intentions flow into the Chakra points and then out into the universe. To me, it just feels so all inclusive, that no matter what the intent of my grid it, I have it covered with the generator as the center.
Crystal Chakra Generator

For healing, these lovely chakra generators can be placed directly over a blocked chakra to aid in unblocking, balancing and healing. If you are unsure of what chakra needs assistance you can place over the Solar Plexus Chakra which is located an inch or so above your belly button.

You can use it right side up or upside down, depending on your need and intuition. I will place the generator right side up if I am sending Reiki into a specific area. It intensifies and pinpoints the energy.   If I am wanting to dispel a blockage or release/remove negativity I will turn the generator upside down, with the center point facing down. Some practitioners do it just the opposite. For me, right now, that is what feels correct.  Remember, it’s all about intention!

As a Reiki Practitioner, I can use it to send long distance healing to those requesting it. I send Reiki to the center quartz, using the symbols I am attuned to, including the long distance symbol with the intention that the energy flow through the crystal and out the points to whoever needs it. If you are not yet attuned to the symbols or even Reiki you can still set the intention to the universe.

They are also a wonderful aid to use while meditating.

When not in use, leave them out, not only for their beauty but because they will help keep your space energetically cleansed.

Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite way of using Crystal Chakra Generators.