As I write this I am sitting in a plane on my way to Utah to attend the doTERRA convention as well as visit with Chris and family. Its been awhile since I have gone anywhere, I have never seen Chris’s house and attending this convention could be the deciding factor in my continuing doTERRA as a business.

Yesterday my goal was to just “allow” life. I did very well with it yesterday and am still working on it today as well. It will take some time to make it a habit. Several times I did have to stop and remind myself to just accept what was unfolding and see what happens. I have to say, the day was more peaceful that way.

My “schedule” for yesterday was to keep the gallery open until 11:30am and then close, go to a chamber luncheon, run a few errands and then go home and pack. As soon as the day started I knew that wasnt going to happen when jack hammers started ripping through my sidewalk as they prepared to pour a new one. With all the noise there was no reason to stay so I left, got all my chores done early, packed and then Ben and I got to spend the evening laughing during a Steve Martin movie marathon.

I dont think we woukd have been able to do that had i not just gone with the flow and closed early.

I found some time to relax and laugh with my honey.