I think a lot about Reiki, its so much apart of my life. I make notes in notebooks all over my house that when I do need a bit of past information I really have no idea where I put it. Maybe I should be putting lessons learned here!!

So here are a few notes that I jotted down from reading, thinking and learning.

At the beginning of a Reiki Session I have always vacillated and basically winged opening up the Reiki Channel. Its never the same for me. I don’t have an established prayer. With my level 1 class coming up I didn’t think it was right to just tell the students to “wing it” so I jotted down a few thoughts that really should be in an opening prayer (which i say silently while drawing the symbols on my hands and over the client)

This prayer should come from your heart and in your own words. It should say something to the effect of:

I thank you for the opportunity to be a clear and open channel of Reiki Energy which I know flows through me and not from me. I set aside my ego and my personality and trust Reiki that it will be for the highest and greatest good of all. I also trust Reiki to guide me during this session and I will not be concerned about outcome nor have expectations. I am grateful for this gift and any healing that takes place today.

Another tidbit of advice i jotted down was “Put your hands on your client and get out of the way” I know that sorta sounds weird but Reiki can be done hands on or hands off. Remembering that we are just channels for the energy and not directing it we need to stay intuitive with our hand positions and allow Reiki to guide us. We also need to step aside (put our ego away) and just concentrate on the energy, allowing it to do what it needs (get out of the way)