Start the school year right by using Reiki in the Classroom

Today is the first of August and the start of school is on everyone’s mind! When my kids were young I loved the start of the school year. You could hear my sigh of relief as I knew it was only a matter of time that they were back in school and not out and about and needing to be entertained.

But I would imagine that its a lot different for a teacher!!!

As the end of summer vacation approaches you teachers gearing up to go back into the classroom, to the unknown students. You are probably are wondering what the school year will be like. For me I know its hard  to return to “real life” after a weeks vacation. I can only imagine how it feels to go back after a few months!!

As a teacher you will find that Reiki can help in many ways. I thought of 7,  but since I am not a teacher, I bet you can think of more. If so, please comment below!! Reiki can raise the energetic vibration of you, and your classroom. The higher the energetic vibration of your classroom becomes the better place it will be for learning and positive interactions.

So here are the 8 ways I thought you could incorporate Reiki in the Classroom:

  1. Create a calm and peaceful environment from the get go. Send Reiki to your classroom before you even arrive in the morning. Use the Long Distance symbol, envision your classroom and intend that all will go smoothly and that the day will be calm and peaceful
  2. Prepare yourself for the day. Before getting out of bed spend a few minutes giving yourself self Reiki. If you forget and jump out of bed, Reiki your shower head and let the Reiki charged water wash over you.
  3. When you get to your classroom, draw the power symbol on all four walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Set positive intentions for the day. Doing this daily raises the vibration of the energy in your classroom. The higher the vibration the happier the students.
  4. Should chaos erupt in the room beam Reiki for 10-15 seconds  with the intention that calmness return. Envision Reiki energy filling the classroom
  5. At the end of the day, draw the power symbols again on all walls, ceiling and floor to cleanse the room of negative energy and get it ready for tomorrow
  6. Use Kenyoku (dry bathing) or cleanse any negative energy from you that you may have picked up
  7. Are you having a parent/teacher night or a one on one meeting with a parent or a student. Send Reiki to the situation with the intention that you can speak clearly, kindly, and in a positive manner and that it will result in an outcome that is for the greatest good
  8. Will a stressful event occur in your classroom like a test or public speaking? Send Reiki using the Long Distance Symbol to the situation to help keep anxiety down.

Sending Reiki or giving Reiki to a student.

There is mixed school of thought regarding sending Reiki to individuals without their permission. Some say we should never send Reiki specifically to someone without their permission. Others, like myself, believe that since Reiki can do no harm and that if a persons higher self rejects the energy then it’s alright to send Reiki without permission. After all, we don’t always ask people’s permission to pray for them. Reiki, like prayer, is evoking a higher source. In the examples above we are sending Reiki to situations not to specific students. Use your own judgement and of course be aware of the laws in your state before sending or giving Reiki to individual students. If in doubt, don’t do it!!

Learning Reiki

You can easily learn and use Reiki and begin right away using Reiki in the Classroom. Reiki classes are given by Reiki Masters and the energy is passed in through attunements or placements.  Reiki can be used in every aspect of your life and will enrich it in many ways.  Once attuned to Reiki you never lose the ability, it stays with you for life and you can call upon it, and get it flowing, any time you need it.

All the techniques I mentioned above can be learned in my Reiki Level 1 and 2 classes. If you have been attuned to only Level 1 you can still do all the above suggestions by just sending Reiki. So if you haven’t learned Reiki yet, maybe its time!

If you have further classroom techniques please feel free to share.

Love and Light