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Chaos in Orange- Torch Enamelled Pendant


An eye catching, handcrafted, one of a kind torch enamelled and copper wire wrapped necklace

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Stare into the chaos of this Torch Enameled Pendant and your eyes will feast on a multitude of Colors. The most prominent is the Orange that will draw the eye into the small specks of colors from a very pale yellow to bold blues.

The Pendant started life as nothing more that an oval of copper and strands of copper wire.

It hangs from a 20″ patina copper chain with a “J” hook. The links are large enough for the “J” hook, making this necklace adjustable.

Torch enamelling uses fine grains of colored glass which are melted permanently onto copper using the hot flame of a torch. The enamelled piece was then secured and framed using various lengths and gauges of copper wire. Once the pendant was done, patina was applied and then rubbed off to darken the copper while bringing out the twists and turns of the copper.

Truely a one of a kind piece.

Copper will continue to darken and patina with age adding to the beauty of this piece. I do ship with a small polishing cloth that will bring back the original shine with gentle rubbing. Copper can also be cleaned with copper cleaner or 1 tbsp of salt mixed into 1 cup of white vinegar.


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