Have you ever walked over a penny that was laying on the ground?  I know I have. You may be walking past great abundance.

Have you ever dropped a penny or a nickel and decided it wasn’t worth going back to pick it up?  Guilty as charged.

It finally occurred to me that every time I did that I was telling the universe

I don’t need money, I have plenty.

And that sure wasn’t true.

So I started to pick up every stray penny, dime, nickel and once even a quarter, that I saw just laying on the ground.

Like this one. This poor penny was sitting on the road during my morning walk.  Its has been so beat up that I could hardly tell the front from the back.

But it still had value

And when I picked it up I said “Thank you Universe for this abundance”

It’s little things like this that can make a huge difference in our lives.  Being grateful for the tiny things brings huge rewards. We all can use more abundance in our lives so next time you walk over a penny, no matter how many times it was run over, no matter whether or not it is even spendable,
Pick it up and thank the universe and watch your abundance increase.


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