Here we are in that crazy week between Christmas and New Years. For me it’s a holding period, the excitement of Christmas is behind us and the new year is before us. It’s a time when we close out of calendars, grab a new blank one and start dreaming about what 2016 will bring us.I struggle every year, and several times throughout the year, on what calendar system I want to use. Nothing ever seems perfect. I need a place to not only schedule appointments, but for jotting down thoughts, favorite quotes, brainstorms, follow ups, art commissions plus it has to be lightweight, and small enough to fit into my purse.

Bullet Journal Week at a glance

My Week at a glance

In November I came across a blog post on a “Bullet Journal”. I had seen it before in my quest for the perfect planner and at the time I thought it was too much work, maybe even confusing but this time I decided that it may well be the best way for me to go.

You see, the Bullet Journal is just an empty journal that you customize to suit your needs. 

You draw in, using fun colorful pens which makes its almost a work of art, your calendars, to-do lists, week at a glance, whatever and however you need it to be.

For me, I needed a way to schedule Reiki and Essential Touch appointments as well as making a task list for each work day. I also read a ton and wanted someplace to write thoughts and favorite quotes. I needed a place to list people whom I have shared essential oils with so I could remember to follow up with them.

In the past I kept everything online and synced between my computers, phone and iPad, but sometimes that would get confusing, especially for programs you have to manually sync (like google calendar!). I find my new Bullet Journal is with me all the time, since it fits in my purse.

The best part of the Bullet Journal,for me anyway, is using it for brainstorming. I have a section just before the month starts for tasks of things I think I may want to do and ideas I may have. If you do the task you just x it out as complete. When the next month starts you look over all the tasks left over and decide if it is still something you want to keep on your list. If it is, note it in the new task list, if not leave it out. This really opened me up to jot down ideas I may have and know that I wont forget them. If they are still important to me the next month I move it over. If not I release it. But I always have it on record.

There is a lot of info out there on Bullet Journaling so I am not going to go into it but for those of you who went to the doTERRA Convention, the journal that we got in the backpack works perfectly! Happy Dance since I did not have to go buy a new empty journal! But if when I do want to buy a new journal I really like this purple one!!

So if you are a dreamer, a goal setter, or if 2016 is the year you want to get organized, take a look at the Bullet Journal system.

And if you are wondering what those notes on the top of each of the months are, I did a Angel Card Tarot Reading for the year for me. These are the cards I drew for each month. It will be fun to look forward and back for each month to see what happens. As you perhaps can tell….. its going to be a very busy year for me with lots of “Fire” cards!!!!  I can do a reading for you as well!!