Maintaining FDA Compliance

When I first started using essential oils  I was so excited to be able to share these amazing little bottles of liquid as well as my own personal stories of my success utilizing them into my household. As most of us, I searched the internet, found really wonderful recipes and uses and shared some more.  As an artist I also enjoyed creating my own graphics depicting recipes and uses for these essential oils. I wrote blog posts on specific oils and what their healing properties were and how to use them.

In September of 2013 I became aware of the FDA and the term compliance. Realizing that many of my original posts were not compliant with what the FDA has asked I deleted all my posts from my website, and removed all the graphics I posted on my website, as well as cleared all non-compliant posts and graphics, whether created by me or someone else, from Pinterest and Facebook.

I may or may not agree with having to do this, since I just want everyone to lead a healthier life, but I respect the fact that we need to not refer to essential oils as curing drugs or as a replacement for over the counter medicines. Even during my classes and one-on-ones I do refrain from mentioning specific diseases and hold fast to the statement that essential oils supports our immune system, they do not cure or treat any disease.

I see that some of my graphics are still out on the internet and there is very little I can do about that except to assure you that I am an advocate for maintaining compliance since I want essential oils to be available to us forever.

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