My goal for today is to just “allow” whatever happens to happen. That doesn’t mean I will go through the day willy nilly because tomorrow we are leaving for Salt Lake City for the doTerra convention as well as a visit with my son and his family.

What I wil aim for today is to just allow things to unfold as they seem fit. If I find myself in line at Walmart with a slow cashier, I will just know that this is the way it is and I will not get annoyed. If I do get annoyed I will try to remember to look inside and actually feel what my annoyance is all about.

I think the trick is to not get annoyed, though.

By allowing life to happen you will stop feeling the negative things that make your day not fun, not happy.

Sitting on my patio this morning, the air is comfortable, the pond is still. Their are crows cackling, horse flies buzzing overhead, the sound of construction across the pond and the train whistle is blowing. These are our early morning sounds, and they are peaceful. Sometimes I wish for a bit more quiet, more silence  but today… Well today it just is.

I have a schedule to follow today and I will follow it so I can get everything done but I will do so with joy in my heart and if I dont get everything done, well thats ok too. It just wasnt meant to be.