Last night I had a dickens of a time sleeping.  Oh, I fell asleep on the couch as I normally do and then I got up and went to bed but soon realized that sleep was not in the cards for me. I tossed and turned until I just couldn’t do it anymore and got up.

It was then that I realized that it was the evening before a full moon.

I hadn’t realized how the moon really affected me but this last past year I have felt a pull towards this beautiful orb and the energy she emits. And I realized just how much her energy changes my energy.

With the bright light of the full moon, much in our lives become illuminated, allowing us to see what is and what isn’t working for us.

How we allow the moon to affect us is up to us.

The moon has phases, from the new moon, to the full moon and back to the new moon, all within a space of 28 days. If we allow it, and are aware of it, we can make the most of the tidal waves of our lives, the ebb and flow of our emotions, our hopes and dreams and our current reality.

Using the moon as our guide we can manifest, during the new moon and waxing moon phases, and release during the full moon and waning moon phase. Like the ocean, the moons pull can pull and guide us towards a better life.

Today we will be talking about the FULL MOON.

The Full Moon is a time to release all that is no longer serving you. During the full moon phase, which starts 2 days before and ends 2 days after, for a total of 5 days, it is a time when you should be sending positive thoughts out into the world. Our thoughts are magnified during this high energy time. On the opposite hand, negative thoughts and feeling are also magnified so it very important to monitor your thoughts and maintain a calm, loving attitude.

When the moon reaches it fullest it is the perfect time to reflect on and let go all that is no longer serving you. This could be bad habits, bad karma, bad relationship, negativity within ourselves. Perhaps we have blocks within us that create. money issues, weight issues, health issues.  It is a wonderful time to release anger. This is a good time to write affirmations, create vision boards and start a gratitude journal.

Using Reiki Energy combined with Lunar Energy to Release

Sit under the Full Moon or by a window that you can see the full moon through. If you can not do this because it’s too cold outside or the sky is cloudy do not worry about it. The moon’s energy is still there!

Think about something you want to release. Write is on a slip of paper.  If you have symbols draw the power symbol over the paper as well as the emotional symbol. If you don’t have symbols do not worry.

Hold the paper in your hand and allow Reiki to flow. Meditate on what you wrote on the paper. Think about why you want to release it, feel how it will be when you know longer have it. Know in your heart that this is for your greatest good.

Sit and allow or envision the moonlight pouring down over you, washing you in its white healing light. Feel the energy cleanse and unblock your aura and chakras. Reflect and meditate of your thoughts, allowing the moon’s energy and Reiki Energy to release and heal all that is holding you back from obtaining your goals and dreams.

When you are finished, tear the paper into small pieces and allow the wind to blow the pieces away, knowing that they will be scattered all over the world and not yours anymore. You can also burn the paper (safely of course) and as the paper vanishes into smoke so do you release.



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