When we are facing illness, or a loved one is facing illness, it feels like things are no longer in our control, we lose some of our power. Our lives are taken over by doctor visits, sitting in pharmacies, stressfully waiting for phone calls, spending hours in treatment or therapy, laying in bed. We are often overwhelmed and scared. We hurt, we don’t feel good and we feel totally out of control of our lives.

One amazing benefit of Reiki is being able to give yourself Reiki. Self-Reiki is powerful and something you can do anytime the mood strikes you. You can self-reiki when you are waiting in the doctors office, the pharmacy, even when receiving treatments.

Reiki is a wonderful compliment to traditional medicine because it not only helps you be calm and be able to cope with your situation but it raises the vibrational frequencies within your body which aids healing. Reiki works with, not against or even instead of, your current treatment plan. Of course you must always follow your doctors orders because they are working towards healing on the physical level while Reiki is working on the energetic level. Together they can be quite powerful.

Giving yourself reiki is very easy and you have the capability to do this with Level 1, the first degree, Reiki.

You can do a full treatment on yourself by using traditional hand placements. Place some relaxing music on and reiki away. It’s peaceful, renewing and calming. This does take some time and if you have the time I do recommend it. Spend extra time over the diseased  area.

If you don’t have the time for an entire treatment, just place your hands somewhere comfortable on your body. If you are out in public that may be just resting on your thighs! Ask Reiki to flow. It’s as simple as that.

When we are ill we are often in a state of fear. Fear is a low vibration and will keep your body in a low vibration state. Hard as it may seem it’s important to release that fear. Visualize yourself as healthy. Visualization and intention will draw good health towards you since the universe wants to give you what you desire.

When we are fearful we tend to think in terms of worse case scenarios. As we dwell on the fear that is what the universe will try to provide, the worse case. As you self reiki envision yourself as happy, whole and healthy. See and feel yourself in this way. When you begin to be fearful place your hands over your heart, start the flow of reiki and envision positive outcomes.

If you want to be well, make a definitive decision to be so. Make it your choice to heal. Come back into your personal power.

In order to do self-reiki, Reiki needs to be placed within your energetic body through the assistance of a Reiki Master/Teacher through a process called  Attunement or Placement. Once it is installed you are free to call upon it anytime you need.  Learning to use it is simple. Check my calendar for class dates and allow this beautiful energy to assist you in your healing process.

If you need Reiki I do one hour sessions as well.