If you had asked me last year if I would be going to Sedona for Holy Fire Reiki, I would have said “No, I have no plans, but oh wouldn’t that be awesome.”

I was practicing Reiki steadily and knew that this was a path I needed to stay on. When I came to this conclusion I knew that the next step would be to become Reiki Master. Becoming a Reiki Master was not necessary for me to help and heal myself and others but to me it would feel like completing my education, taking it to completion.

I was having a difficult time finding a Reiki Master to attune me to the master level, which I wanted to do very badly.  I searched for a Reiki Master and in July 2015 found one who did the attunement however there was no education, no mentoring. I was quite disappointed. Yes, I now had a certificate and I could call myself a Reiki Master but I sure didn’t feel like one.

So I kept looking.

Kate and Dani in SedonaIn January my Reiki friend Kate Cook and I made a desire to go to Sedona to be taught and to become Reiki Master Teachers. We looked on the internet and saw that Michael Baird and Laurelle Gaia would be holding a class at the Peace Place in Sedona in May. It was expensive but we both knew it was time, we had to do it.  Kate put together a manifestation “intention” flier so the universe would know we were serious.

And we made reservations, not sure how we could pull it off but we would let the universe worry about that.

For me, going to Sedona, and being taught by these two amazing people would be the ultimate experience.  The ART/Master Class was three full days, not 4 hours like my other Master class. THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!  Wow…. I knew it would be special, and it was.

We held the dream in our hearts and it happened!

Sedona 2016On May 20th Kate and I arrived in Cottonwood Arizona, just 1/2 hour drive from Sedona. Kate had booked us into a small but adorable hotel room in old town Cottonwood. The room was smaller then a dorm, with two twin beds and a bathroom too small to turn around. But that was part of the adventure!

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

While in Sedona Kate and I shared many laughs, some great food and some bad food, we scoured the shops for amazing crystals, bought matching Garnet Bead necklaces, sat quietly in class and sometimes not so quietly.

We walked and meditated in the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park. 

And we visited the Vortex at the Airport.

So I had a dream, and Kate had a dream. We wanted to expand our Reiki practices and become Holy Fire Reiki Masters. Our dream took us to Sedona AZ for an awe inspiring, spirit driven, giggle focused, love filled week.

Never give up on your dreams. They can come true.