Every time I teach Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki I think back on the time when I first became Reiki. I had a wonderful, loving and very thorough teacher. We went through the manual, basically the same one I use now which is from the International School of Reiki Training. We had plenty of practice of giving Reiki, we received Reiki and we learned and practiced self Reiki. After classes were over I found a Reiki buddy and we shared a session or two. I even went to Reiki Shares.

But I still harbored doubts whether my Reiki was “working or not” and wondering if I was doing it correctly. Have you been there? Are you there now?

It took me years to finally learn to trust that Reiki was working and that I was “doing it right” because I also learned that there is no wrong way to do Reiki.

What I finally came to grip with, and what I want to share with you, is that Reiki is the one that is doing the “doing”. We are the human channel, the connection between source and our client. We are the human touch.

So let me tell you…..There is no wrong way to do Reiki and YES you are doing it right because at least you are DOING IT!!


When we begin to doubt our gift it is our ego stepping in. Our ego is a loud creature and loves to fill us full of doubt. And it likes to mess with us.  The EGO I am talking about has the definition of “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”

It is our ego that tells us that our Reiki is not working, or that we aren’t doing it right or that we have no business doing it at all. And it comes flying in because we start telling ourselves that we are the ones that are doing the healing.

I know, because I have been there, and still sometimes go there!!  Yeap, I will admit that. My silly ego still likes to mess with me a bit.


The thing to remember is that Reiki is the healer, Reiki is doing the Healing. We are just vessels, the channel for the energy. We need to step aside and let Reiki DO ITS THING. It does not matter if you forget to draw the symbols, or you mess up the symbols. It does not matter if you don’t do all the hand positions, in fact, its better if you let Reiki guide your hand placements.

So start using your Reiki. Place your Reiki charged hands on yourself, your food, your dog, your crystals, your water. Shine those hands at your shower head for a lovely Reiki filled shower.  Send Reiki to your garden, the animals in the forest, your job.  When someone asks for prayers, send them Reiki Charged Prayers.

You have asked for, and recieved, an amazing gift from the Divine, from Creator, from God. Use it and watch your life change.


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