Come in for a Reiki Session and enjoy calm, healing energy

Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing.
Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) allows us to balance our universal spirit with our life force energy. Our current health status can be dramatically changed as we begin to release negative emotions and blocks and start doing something wonderful for ourselves.

Since we are energetic beings this allows our bodies to obtain healing by breaking down energetic blocks, as well as by dissolving or eliminating toxic energies from physical, emotional, or mental levels.It helps our bodies heal itself by bringing it back into energetic balance.

Reiki allows for total relaxation during which the healing energy is directed to various parts of your body where it works on any healing that needs to take place.

Reiki is NOT a religion nor is it associated with any religion. It is a complementary, alternative method of healing that works in conjunction with your allopathic (conventional) treatment. Reiki works with our life energy, which illness, grief, depression, stress can deplete. It renews and refills us by moving negative energy out and replacing it with new positive, clean energy. bringing us back into energetic balance which allows for healing.

A Reiki Session

A Reiki Session is conducted in a comfortable, warm environment where the client lies, fully clothed on a massage table. During your Reiki Session your Reiki Practitioner will place her hands either on or slightly above your body in a systematic or intuitive manner and directs Universal Life Force Energy through you.

The hand positions get changed several times during the Reiki session. All you, will do is lie there and relax. Even if you are skeptical the energy will still flow. Often times you may feel warmth radiating from the practitioners hand which is the Reiki Energy. You may also feel vibrations as it flows through your body, but even if you don’t feel anything it is still flowing and working.

Reiki energy knows what it needs to go and flows to where it is needed. It is a simple, gentle yet very powerful alternative healing modality. You do nothing more than relax and let the energy do all the work.

Reiki will work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels providing you with exactly what you need.

Cost of a Reiki Session:
$30.00 / 30 Minutes Private
$50.00 / 60 minutes Private
$5 Night of Healing – Group

Our Night of Healing is a great way to experience Reiki if you are not quite ready to commit to a Reiki Session. This Monthly Group Shares and Experiences are a great way to start your healing at a minimal cost.

Dani Montoya is a  USUI Holy Fire Reiki II Master Teacher and a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher. Call for appointment  918-413-2820

Essential Living Reiki Studio services the River Valley of Oklahoma and Arkansas. We are located inside Yellow Cottage Studios in Poteau Ok

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Reiki Healing Session - A complimentary therapy
Article Name
Reiki Healing Session - A complimentary therapy
A Reiki Session allows for total relaxation while healing energy is directed throughout your body where it works on any healing that needs to take place. Reiki directs Universal Life Force Energy restoring energetic balance

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