EssentialTouch- An Essential Oil Experience

Are you ready to experience bliss while having an Essential Oil Experience? Come experience EssentialTouch!

  • Relax and free your body from stress
  • Ease everyday muscle aches and pains
  • Have more  energy and flexibility
  • Release harmful toxins carried in your body while adding support for your immune system
  • Relieve back and head discomfort  

EssentalTouch is more that Aromatherapy, its a an Essential Oil Experience combined with the healing power of Reiki. 

EssentialTouch-An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Experience

EssentialTouch-An Aromatherapy Essential Oil Experience

The flow of healing Reiki is started and continued while  8 essential oils/blends are applied systematically to your back and feet in a powerful way. The recipient enjoys the relaxing and renewing benefits to their physical and mental health.

EssentialTouch is more than Aromatherapy since the Oils are applied directly to your skin, allowing them to soak into your body and go to work immediately. You will also get the benefits of Aromatherapy, where the scent of the oils enter your body through the nasal passage. So you get double affect. Couple that with the powerful benefits of Reiki and you will experience a delightful, relaxing experience.

This is the perfect way to add Essential Oils to your healthful life while addressing whole body needs and creating overall systemic benefits: reduce stress, address toxic insult and the inflammatory response  from everyday life, while helping the body regain balance.

Make an appointment today$45.00 / 60 minute session.
Available without Reiki if preferred.

Call Today for an appointment- 918-413-2820

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